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40 Years later, that “small step” is still a “giant leap.”

Today is the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Mankind’s first steps on a surface other than that of the Earth is a landmark event in both US and World history.

NASA has restored some of the tapes of that historic Moon walk and has made high-definition movies of those broadcasts available on their Web site.

Space exploration – both in fact and in fiction – is a popular subject around the OWC offices. You might not have known it, but that affinity for space exploration play a significant role in the name evolution of OWC.

In 1993, LRO Computer Sales founder and CEO Larry O’Connor wanted to rename the company for something that stood for more than just “sales.” Drawing on the idea that it should represent information and relationships first, and inspired by the introduction to Star Trek that lists exploring new worlds as part of its on-going mission, LRO Computer Sales emerged with a new name: Other World Computing.

Of course, tying this all together is the suggestion that parts of the classic Star Trek introduction was inspired by a White House document designed to rally support for the US space program after the launch of the Sputnik satellite.

In a strange bit of coincidence, a photo satellite was launched last month to explore the Moon’s surface, to prepare for future exploration, and photos have recently been received. The name of the satellite? The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter – also known as the LRO!

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