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Burn your own Blu-ray movies easily and inexpensively!

Hardware and/or software bundles are often really good deals. Most times, you can get a number of pieces that work exceptionally well together for a price considerably lower than if you purchased them separately. When combined with lowered prices, these bundles become even more attractive.

Just such a thing has come to the OWC Mercury Pro Blu-ray “Quad interface” optical drives.

First, let’s take a look at the new pricing/features of just the drive solutions:

While those are great prices on great drives, we’re taking it a bit further and offering up a pair of bundles with Toast 10 Titanium Pro, as well. A long time Mac favorite tool for burning CDs and DVDs, Toast 10 Titanium Pro takes burning on Macs to the next level with built-in Blu-ray data and video disc burning capabilities, in addition to DVD & CD support.

Let’s Get High-Definition!

Of course, the really great thing about bundling Toast 10 Titanium Pro with our Mercury Pro Blu-ray drives is that it becomes the perfect combination for burning your HD videos for playback on your home Blu-ray player. With HD video cameras widely available, and even iMovie being capable of handling HD video, it somehow seems kind of silly to have to edit all that HD footage together and scale it down to DVD if you want to watch it on your television.

So the question is: if the OWC Mercury Pro supports Blu-Ray media and Toast 10 Titanium Pro allows you to author Blu-ray video discs, what’s stopping you from taking your HD movies and putting them on Blu-ray, for highest-quality playback? Instructions, of course!

Fortunately, OWC has you covered there, too. We’ve put together a nice walkthrough of how to create a basic Blu-ray video that will play on your home Blu-ray player.

Now, you can view your HD video the way it was meant to be viewed – in full HD!

OWC Chris S.
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