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This week’s Installation Video – OWC Mercury Elite Pro Classic

Another week has gone by, which means we’ve got another installation video for you.

This week’s “cinematic experience” guide details installing a SATA hard drive into the OWC Mercury Elite Pro Classic enclosure. This single-drive enclosure has a traditional assembly procedure in the form of screws, but also has an “align and slide” procedure which once you see it done, makes perfect sense.

It should be noted that while the enclosure shown in the video is for SATA drives, the only real difference, installation-wise, between the SATA model shown in the video and the older, IDE/ATA enclosures, is the internal connector type.

If you have an existing Mercury Elite Pro Classic solution that you’d like to put a larger hard drive in or you wish to DIY with a new “Add Your Own Drive” Kit, you can find the video in our Tech Center as well as on our YouTube Channel.

OWC Chris S.
the authorOWC Chris S.
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  • Can you link these enclosures/drives together to expand external storage capacity beyond 2T? Thank you.

    • Hello Ron,

      You certainly can add more than one of these units to your computer system to achieve storage external storage capacities beyond 2TB of storage across multiple volumes. In fact, by using disk utility under OS X, you could RAID the units together into a single external volume – however, when working with RAID in an external capacity, I would suggest using a multiple drive enclosure – preferably with hardware-based RAID capability such as with the OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2