OWC Tips n’ Deals November 15th, 2008 – 6GB in Core 2 Duos; Unibody performance; and More

Greetings again from Woodstock! I think we’ve got a nice variety of information in this newlstter edition and hope you’ll enjoy. Got 6GBs of memory for MacBooks, a new ‘Voyager’ HD Dock, a realworld look at the Unibody MacBooks + lots more in between. Here we go!

Install up to 6.0GB in MacBook & MacBook Pro Core 2 Duos

One of my favorite things to say and show is how more memory really makes the difference. For nearly two years we’ve been working to provide a solution that would allow us to break the 4GB limit in Core 2 Duo Mac models. While we’ve been able to build 4GB DDR2 SO-DIMM 667MHz models for some time, the challenge – or really what ended up being the wait – was for the memory device components that could run at a low power and heat level as to meet specification and provide the reliable operation required of every OWC module.

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