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Apple Wireless Mouse Misbehaving?

Does your Apple Magic Mouse jitter, slow-down, have connection issues, or just have an odd inconsistent performance. If so there’s an easy to install fix that alleviates those problems almost all of the time… change the batteries.

Yep, the Apple Magic Mouse, and Trackpad for that matter, appear to be a bit finicky when it comes to power. I’ve even experienced issues where using two different types of batteries cause issues, or two batteries at two different charge levels – which can happen a lot if you’re into using rechargeable batteries like I am.

In any case, don’t fret my Mac friends, a simple battery swap out can save the day.

What’s that? You’re mouseless or trackpadless? See our collection of mice, or get a a nifty new trackpad.

Happy mousing.

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  • I didn’t realise that the mouse had batteries, the pix you have , right at the top of this page is my mouse, so where do I find the batteries, then how do I replace them?

    Kind regards Milla

  • Yes change the batteries, once a month! Alkalines are nasty Gnarlies; Eneloops rechargables do not last any longer even for all their darned hype. Honestly…we expect more from our devices these days. This battery operated tool that I use regularly is the one that eats batteries most frequently. It is somehow more voracious than my Canon 580EX speedlight strobes. That is saying something –poor design! The slow burn of always on is the problem. Maybe it is time to teach myself to turn the mouse off, but it is WAY counter intuitive. There chew on that Apple.

    • Eneloop batteries make no particular claim to greater power than other batteries. They do claim that their batteries hold their charge longer than the prior generation of rechargeable batteries when left unused. There are other “pre-charged” batteries from a variety of manufacturers which make similar claims.

      By and large, these claims have been substantiated.

  • I’ve also found that to pair a Bluetooth mouse with a Mac, it often helps to install 1.5 volt alkaline batteries rather than 1.2 volt rechargeables. Once the pairing is done, the rechargables can be used.