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See All Upgrades Compatible with Your Mac with My Upgrades Tool

You’d be forgiven for not knowing exactly which upgrades and accessories are compatible with your Mac. After all, there are hundreds of different Mac models – most of which are still currently in use somewhere and have the potential for many more years of service. And maybe you didn’t know that your Mac could be upgraded at all!

To help clear up any confusion, OWC created the My Upgrades process to help you find the right upgrades for your specific Mac. With My Upgrades, you will only see search results that are compatible with your machine and you’ll instantly be able to find and order memory, storage, acceleration, add-on cards, video products and more. In fact, if there is an upgrade available, it’s a good bet that OWC has it.

To find the right upgrades for your Mac, simply follow the steps below:

1) Click the “My Upgrades” button located near the top of the OWC homepage: screenshot

2) Select the family of Mac yours belongs in – Notebook, Desktop, Legacy or Server – and then select the type of Mac you have such as MacBook Pro, iMac, etc. screenshot

3) You will then specify your Model ID and your specific system. (If you need help identifying your Mac model ID, please read this article from the Rocket Yard.) screenshot

4) You will then be presented a list of Upgrade Types to choose from such as memory, internal and external storage, video upgrades, software and batteries. screenshot

If you are still unsure or have questions about upgrading your Mac, you can contact our knowledgeable Customer Support team by phone or Live Chat. And our popular catalog of DIY installation videos can help you install many of the upgrades for your Mac with step-by-step instructions!

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  • Our iMac has a Fusion drive and one thing OWC doesn’t mention when they sell you the kit to upgrade the hard drive is that when anyone replaces the HDD with an SDD the Fusion drive splits and you are stuck with paying someone to rejoin the drives. Maybe OWC should tell us how to do this as an FYI.

  • This is a very good thing. But I continue to be disappointed by the quality of results for legacy Macs. There are many recent products that come up in the search which simply are not compatible with the selected old models. For example:
    – 72-pin RAM for a machine that only accepts 30-pin (Quadra 700).
    – PCIe cards for machines that only have PCI slots.
    – USB3 burners (requiring OS 10.6 or newer) for Beige G3s.
    – USB3.1 external hard drives for the Mac Cube.
    – Incompatible software listed for a few PPC Macs.
    It also seems that MacSales is not very helpful about identifying modern products which actually DO work fine with some older machines.
    Example: Radeon 7500 Mac Edition works fine in the Cube (minor fit-mod may be needed). But it’s not listed under the Cube products.
    I also noticed that the “Specify System” drop-down can be ambiguous, listing multiple G3 models that all look the same. Why are so many identical models duplicated?
    It’s time for somebody who KNOWS older Macs to do an edit job on the product listings to clean up the errors. While I think of it, the compatibility listings under most MacSales products are much better (but not always perfect either).
    Good luck on the clean-up.

  • Awesome.

    Please, release also external 8TB and larger portable and desktop SSD to boot Mac and work from it all day long.

    Check out the current gold standard, albeit with smaller capacities: Samsung Portable SSD T3

    Yes, mechanical rotational disks are OBSOLETE now!!!