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OWC Customers Are More Than Just A Number

At Other World Computing, we pride ourselves on something we like to call the OWC Difference. Put simply, the OWC Difference is our commitment to making high-quality products, and more importantly, our commitment to customer service. While we will always strive to keep this philosophy in mind, there are other companies that might have a different way of valuing their customers.

Earlier today, news website and social media blog Mashable released a study that estimates the dollar value that each Facebook fan is worth to a brand. This will naturally lead to debates on the accuracy of the claim, but it also can spur a conversation on humanizing customers vs. simply monetizing them.

At OWC, we view social media outlets as a wonderful way to directly assist and connect with customers. But part of making the OWC Difference is continuing to passionately serve our customers and not simply assigning a dollar value to them based on whether they “like” us or if they’re a Facebook fan.

Our customers – from the biggest spenders to the one-time shoppers – will always be more than just a number. And we hope to give each the same committed service, no matter how big or small the order.

Below we’ve listed some quotes from a few of our customers that we hope illustrate the pledge we make everyday to ensuring the experience with OWC is the best possible. And as always, you can let us know what you think or make suggestions on our website.

  •  “The most satisfying customer service I have received in years – like it always should be – wonderful!” – Paul H., Wilmington, NC
  •  “When I logged on to OWC at 2 a.m. to look up some product compatibility info, I was surprised to find a very helpful live chat after only a short wait.” — Miles D. Fresno, CA
  •  “Very courteous representatives who were knowledgeable about products and shipping options, and the website is the most informative and easiest to use of any I have encountered – why can’t other companies learn to operate like this?” – Karen B., Uniontown, OH
  •  “Even though I am not a techie, OWC Tony did an amazing job walking me through setting up a backup of my older machine on an OWC Elite Pro. He was very patient and explained things really, really well. Speaking from a background of 40 years as a business consultant and trainer, I can say that your staff is absolutely marvelous.”  – Phyllis C., Victoria, Canada
  •  “I have been in customer service for over 25 years, and I would hold up the experience I had with OWC Brian today as an example of exemplary service. While trying to find the right product, he would not let me end the call until HE was satisfied that I had a full understanding of what to do. Kudos to Brian and kudos to you.” – Ron R., Las Vegas, NV

So whether you comment on the OWC Blog, find us on facebook, tweet with us, call us at 1(800)275-4576, email us, or chat via our 24/7 live chat service – we’re ready to talk with you. You’re not just a number to us.

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  • If I read this on other website I would have said, “yeah yeah yeah”.
    Yet, over here I believe it. I only bought two OWC SSDs & as a customer I admit that I couldn’t be happier. Whether it was the shipping, the support & above all the quality of the products that I bought. Now I’m waiting for OWC’s new SSD line code-name VIPER.

    OWC should target PC users more.

  • I’ve rarely needed to ask for assistance from OWC but on those rare occasions, I’ve never had an issue.

    Unlike other companies where it is obvious that they are reading from a script chosen by key words. :-(