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Accelsior_E2 Makes Mac Pro Better Than New

During Apple’s second quarter earnings conference call Tuesday, CEO Tim Cook teased us with a promise of “new product categories” that the company will be releasing this fall and throughout 2014.

While that’s certainly exciting news, many are still left wondering whether some of Apple’s current products are being put on the backburner. One example that quickly comes to mind is the Mac Pro. It’s been almost three years since the company’s last true update to the Mac Pro.

While we can only dream about what new products Apple has up its sleeve (an iWatch or iTV, anyone?), those who are focused on the Mac Pro still have options to get elite performance even if Apple doesn’t roll out an update until the Fall or even later.

By installing OWC’s Mercury Accelsior_E2 PCIe SSD in your current Mac Pro, you can get up 960GB of storage and up to 820MB/s of performance for faster booting, launching and creating. With the Accelsior_E2, you can stop waiting on I/O-intensive apps Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, or Avid Pro Tools to render, capture or process, so you can work faster than ever. And its two eSATA ports make transferring your work for backup or archival purposes blazing fast with speeds up to 600MB/s.

So stop waiting … and waiting for the new Mac Pro, and give the machine you already own the best combination of speed, capacity, and connectivity on the market today!

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  • Seriously considering one of these for my 2008 Mac Pro, but my only concern is being able to port it over to that new Mac Pro model in the works.

    With the way Apple has been “simplifying” their product lines and removing pieces of hardware to make things smaller, thinner, and lighter, I can’t help but wonder if they’ll even have PCIe slots in the upcoming revision. Odds are that they probably will, seeing that it’s a Pro machine, but with the way they’ve been slimming down expansion in all their products (both laptop and desktop), just gives me pause. I don’t want to invest in this if I can’t carry it over to the next Pro machine.

    If I at least knew what the next form factor had, I could stop worrying about it.