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Tell Your iPad “iLove You” With A Newer Technology iFolio

Your iPad does a lot for you. Not only does it allow you basic access to your email, messages, and the Internet, but it also lets you read magazines, watch movies, and listen to music on the go. And don’t forget extremely useful apps like the Melon Meter, Gym Shamer, or Bacon Clock. Your iPad is so generous that if it could, I’m sure it would even walk your dog, take out the garbage, and do your laundry… (actually, someone somewhere is probably working on it).

And when you consider everything your iPad does for you, you realize—what have you done for your iPad lately? What can you do for a device that gives so much and expects so little in return?

Well, what do you do for your wife when you’ve messed up but you’re not exactly sure why? Do you take her out for a nice dinner?  Maybe. But the iPad maintains its slim figure by maintaining a strict diet so that’s not an option.

Do you take her to a movie about a woman who hits a man with her car only to find out that he is her soul mate that she met for 5 seconds on a train about 10 years ago and they made some really powerful eye contact and that’s the point where you fall asleep and thus get in trouble with your wife again? Possibly. But your iPad has seen almost every movie (it has iTunes, duh).

Is there nothing that translates from nice gestures in a relationship to nice gestures for your iPad?! Well, there’s one thing that we’ve forgotten. Men, women, children, and iPads alike all enjoy one thing—surprise gifts.

The Newer Technology iFolio is the perfect thing to buy your iPad to show it how much you care. The iFolio is made with handcrafted, top grain leather and comes in eight different colors (so there’s bound to be one that brings out your iPad’s eyes). Your iPad will feel safe because of the iFolio’s sewn-in hard shell, surrounded by soft padding. A durable leather shoulder strap is also affixed to the outer body so you can carry your iPad around town with ease.

Because your iPad has a flawless figure, it fits perfectly into the iFolio, which allows full access to all iPad ports and functions. Two camera openings are provided so you can use both of the iPad’s built-in FaceTime and iSight cameras without removing your device. The iFolio zips open in a single motion, and also contains a document sleeve for other personal effects.

Yes, your iPad has been with you through it all. It doesn’t judge you when you try to sing along with every Queen song on your playlist. It stays up all night with you when you can’t stop reading the latest page-turner. It has even seen you cry when you were forced to re-watch that soul mate train movie (which you will begrudgingly admit was pretty good). Now it’s time to smile with your iPad by surprising it with a perfect gift in the form of the Newer Technology iFolio. And if iPad’s happy, then everyone’s happy.

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  • Disgusting. It doesn’t make me happy to support a company who sells leather; you don’t need to soil your product lineup with it.