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NewerTech NuGuard Shell for iPad gets Thumbs Up

With all the iPad peripherals out there, sometimes it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. We here at OWC firmly believe the Newer Technology line of cases, shells, stands and other equipment are amongst the upper echelon of iPad peripherals.

Recently, John Martellaro of The Mac Observer did an in-depth review of the NuGuard Shell for iPad, and he had nothing but great things to say about it. You can read the full review on the Mac Observer Web site, but here’s just a couple of his musings on the NuGuard:

  • This kind of case is really better around the office or home because when you’re sitting with the iPad in your lap, the cover flap of folio-type cases gets in the way.
  • “…it not only feels good but provides for a non-slip surface.”
  • “It has just the right rigidity to be strong and keep its shape, yet it’s flexible enough to attach to the iPad without effort.”
  • “…around the house or office, this is a terrific, minimalist case.”
  • It’s great and very modestly priced.

Thanks for the love, John!

iFolio – for those who want more.

While the NuGuard Shell is great around the house or office, you’ll probably want something a little more all-encompassing to protect your iPad when traveling from place to place. NewerTech’s iFolio is a great choice for this sort of thing.

The iFolio is hand-crafted with a premium Brazilian leather outer covering, a soft, padded interior, and a sewn-in hard shell to protect your iPad. A document sleeve, and ID/business card holders make it perfect for the business person on the go.

With all that protection, you may think that your iPad would be hidden. Not So. Your iPad is held securely in place via four double-stitched leather restraining straps. This arrangement  allows you to access all the ports and buttons on the iPad while keeping it safely in place. This restraint system also allows you to use the iFolio in conjunction with a protective shell, like the aforementioned NuGuard.

Don’t take our word for it, though. The iFolio has gotten great reviews across the board.

  • “I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an executive style case for their iPad” – Ed Winstead,
  • “Very elegant, very well made…Holds the iPad very securely. Nice high quality leather … Everything you need from one of my favorite companies.” – Leo LaPorte, TwitTV
  • “A first class, beautifully constructed device like the iPad deserves a first class carrying case.” – John Martellaro – The Mac Observer.

And those are just some of the great reviews the iFolio has gotten.

If you’re looking for high-quality peripherals for your iPad at prices that won’t break the bank, you can’t go wrong with Newer Technology – available only at OWC!

OWC Chris S.
the authorOWC Chris S.
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1 Comment

  • Mac Observer pointed me in the right direction with these comments. I’ve been using the Apple iPad case since day one, but recently got tired of flipping the flap around. I like the protection but also wanted something for around the house too.

    I picked up a few things via employee purchase:
    1. NuGuard Hard Shell Black Polycarbonate Case for iPad. $5.99
    2. NuVue Clear Screen Protector $5.00
    3. NuGuard Gel Orange $19.99 (only 16 available)
    4. NuGuard Hard Shell Clear Polycarbonate Case $12.50

    I got all that so I could dress the iPad for whatever occasion. With these prices I was able get all that for around $40 which is what any big box charges for a single item.

    Overall impressions are tremendous. Granted I see these products everyday, but I don’t live with them… that is until now.

    The Film protectors continue to impress me with how “invisible” they look. OWC Jamie is really working hard to get the best film protectors on the market for iPad for OWC customers and I’m giving him a huge “well done” here.

    The most amazing little surprise for me was the NuGuard Hard Shell Black Polycarbonate Case for iPad for $5.99. The snap back case just has a great feel and look overall. It’s also available in a vibrant red for those looking for a splash of color. At $5.99 these are practically free… heck you could pick up few quick stocking stuffers for those other iPadders in your life or just get both red and black version for yourself.

    So am I done with the Apple Case? For now, yeah. A surprising thing happened when I used a snap back case… the iPad felt more “tablet like” and accessible. Making the iPad that much cooler.

    So pickup a great screen protector and a few cases and see how you can trick out your iPad for any occasion by having a few cases on hand. I’ve just learned how fun it can be to switch up the iPad case… hopefully you find the same merriment.

    While this may sound like an internal plug… it’s not… we live these products too, and I just had to share my thoughts on these great deals and great products.