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Avoid Shock By Being Genuine

Genuine Apple Power AdaptersSometimes things in life can be shocking. Like when you see a 24-year-old girl dating a 64-year-old man. Or the time that bird chirped something that sounded scarily like your name (you know you’re not crazy; you heard what you heard). And just how Nutella manages to be so good every time. Sometimes you can be shocked in a good way—like when you think your family has forgotten your birthday only to find out that they surprised you with the Chuck E. Cheese party you’ve always wanted (you’re never too old for arcade games). But sometimes things can be shocking in a bad way—like when you find out someone has stolen your credit card and used it to buy a lifetime supply of popsicles (out of all the things, why??). Another bad type of shock is electrical shock, which is a relevant topic as of late.

There have been two recent incidents of people getting shocked in China involving the iPhone. Last week, a Chinese man was left in a coma after being shocked while charging his iPhone 4. This follows another recent incident where a Chinese woman was killed by electrical shock when she answered her iPhone 5 while it was charging.  In both cases, the individuals were using an unauthorized third-party adapter to charge their devices.

In response to these incidents, Apple has added a special page to its Chinese website telling users how to identify and use a genuine USB power adapter for the iPad and the iPhone. In its statement, Apple recommends the use of the standard USB power adapter and USB cable. These cables and adapters are available separately from Apple and Apple Authorized Resellers…which means guess who has your hook up? If you guessed OWC, you are brilliant (but we’re not shocked by that, you little genius you). Check out our genuine Apple power adapters here.

Protect yourself and those you love by purchasing genuine USB power adapters. Think about it this way—being genuine is always a good thing. You never hear anybody making fun of anybody else for being genuine. So like people, a genuine power adapter is a good thing to hang out with. And not that shock is always bad—but one thing that shouldn’t shock you is your iPhone…unless it figures out a way to make you a sandwich. That would be both shocking and fantastic.

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