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The miniStack MAX: A Fun-Sized Treat For All

PR_ministackMAXLet’s be honest – everyone knows that Halloween is the fun size candy bar’s time to shine. Sure they’re available during other times of the year, but they often get pushed to the back of the shelf, left until they almost expire and forced to spend their final days in the lone shopping cart full of random items, hoping that someone ignores their red clearance sticker and takes them home to love them as much as the full priced chocolate.

But on Halloween, fun sized candy bars become quite the hot commodity. Kids dress up as pirates and ninjas, and risk interacting with their creepy neighbor whose house always smells like soup just in hopes of getting that tiny Milky Way. Such is the power of the fun size candy bar.

And as Halloween approaches, we should let the fun size candy bar serve as a reminder that many good things come in small packages. Seriously, without fun size candy bars, how could we be in denial about how much chocolate was actually eaten? (What!? 17 small Snickers barely counts!). But another great thing that comes in a small package? Our NewerTech miniStack MAX! And while no one will be giving away a miniStack MAX as a Halloween treat (unless perhaps you live in Warren Buffett’s neighborhood), you should consider checking out this amazing four-in-one solution!

The miniStack MAX is a storage, data access, and connectivity solution that is so sleek even it can’t stop looking at itself. (What? It’s four things in one; you didn’t expect it to be modest too.) It was designed to match the footprint of the Mac mini, so it stacks neatly on a desk without taking up any extra room. And much like that chocolate covered pretzel you’re gnawing on, it fulfills many needs at once (salty and sweet!? No way!). Not only is it a high capacity hard drive, but it also serves as a Blu-ray/CD/DVD optical drive, SD card reader and USB powered hub. It perfectly complements any Mac or PC, and offers fully bootable data storage/backup along with three USB ports for powering and charging external devices. The integrated SD card reader makes transferring photos and video from digital cameras so easy, your mom will be able to upload all 617 of those family reunion photos to Facebook and tag you in each of them!

And much like the massive selection of Halloween fun size candies, the miniStack MAX comes in a variety of storage options so you can find the one that perfectly suits your needs. And because the miniStack MAX is so compact and lightweight, you can take it with you wherever you go. Just don’t throw it in your Trick or Treat bag – it has more respect for itself than to sit next to those off-brand Smarties from the dollar store or that buttered popcorn flavored Dum Dumthat’ll be the last time you visit that brown house on the corner for Halloween…

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  • Please make a Thunderbolt miniStack!! Is it under consideration? It would solve a lot of problems for those of us stuck with fast systems that have slow USB 2.0 ports.

  • Personally, I’m waiting for a drive/enclosure/dock that looks like the miniStack MAX that has all the capabilities of the Sonnet Technologies Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock.
    Having that capability in a case that looks like the miniStack MAX, I’d buy one yesterday. Of course it goes without saying that it would have to be reasonably priced, no higher than the Echo 15.
    The only reason I don’t consider purchasing the Echo 15 is the godawful case. I mean, I realize they started with a MiniPC enclosure to save money, but I wouldn’t put that thing on my desk next to my beautiful MacBook Pro.

  • Hoping for a Thunderbolt miniStack in 2014.

    And 1 foot Thunderbolt cables to go with it. :-)