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Get Hours of Power With NewerTech Batteries

PR_NT13UBbatteryPower is a good thing. No, I’m not talking about the “ruling over your minions” kind of power; I’m talking about the kind created by electricity. Power lights up the streets at night so you can see when you’re about to walk in gum (but realize it mid-gait and end up stepping in it anyway). It runs the TV so you don’t have to miss a second of the big game (seriously…that World Series of Poker is suspenseful). The point is, we rely on power for so much. (Think about it—it runs our hairdryers! Maybe not as important to you as it is to me, but no one wants to see this ’fro untamed).

We never realize how much we need power until we run out of it or lose it. And unfortunately, we’ve all been in a situation where it is seemingly imminent that we are going to lose power on our computer. That ominous battery symbol suddenly turns into a ticking time bomb. You start calculating, bargaining, and pleading with your machine, thinking “I can finish this project in 20 minutes…but then I need it to last another three hours so I don’t beat my head against the ticket counter while I wait in the airport…maybe if I turn the screen to intergalactic darkness level so I can barely read anything on the screen it will last longer…”

But inevitably, the charge will go out when you are just about to give a presentation or are stuck in a coffee shop and the only power outlet available is between the man sleeping with his mouth open and the hipster in the suit two sizes too small waiting to tell you about how he discovered that band you’re currently listening to three years ago. It’s just a fact of life.

But while you can’t avoid charging your device entirely, there are ways to do it less frequently! Our NewerTech NuPower batteries are the perfect solution for the person who wants more time away from their power cord. These batteries can provide up to 50 percent more capacity than original Apple factory batteries. This is because our batteries are powered by a highly trained team of hamsters that run their furry little butts off on a wheel all day long to give you the highest-powered battery possible. OK—that might not be true—it’s actually due to the top quality lithium-ion cells used to make our NuPower batteries. (No animals, hamsters or otherwise, are used to power our devices). We also offer a variety of NuPower batteries so you can find the perfect fit for your machine.

In fact, there are many reasons to actually be proud of your NuPower purchase. “Proud of a battery?! I mean, it is awesome, but get real…” But seriously—our NuPower batteries not only perform like champions, but they are also environmentally responsible. They are 100 percent free of everyone’s least favorite elements—lead and mercury. Plus each new battery includes an informative battery-recycling page that details the options you have for the disposal of your old battery.

But wait (as infomercials always say), there’s more! We’re so confident that you will be satisfied with your NuPower battery that we provide a 1-year warranty with each battery. Sounds like a pretty “powerful” product to me! (I couldn’t resist).

Think about it—no matter how fast or powerful your machine is, you can’t do any of your work if it isn’t charged. Power is the driving force behind the devices that we rely on, and the NuPower is an affordable and worthwhile investment that will give you more time away from an outlet and less time worrying about tripping over your power cord and falling into the lap of a stranger at the coffee shop.

Rocket Yard Contributor
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