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Make All of Your iPad Fantasies a Reality

nustand360_angle2The iPad has many utilitarian uses, but my personal favorite is using it as a second screen to track my fantasy football teams when I slip into my 10-hour football coma on Sundays. Naturally, propping my iPad up throughout the entire ordeal can be pretty cumbersome. It’s hard to sit on the edge of your seat, waiting to see if Cleveland’s second string running back is going to get the eight more yards you need to win when you are supporting an iPad on your lap.

That’s where the NewerTech NuStand 360 comes in. It’s completely changed my NFL watching experience in 2013, transforming my iPad from an inconvenience during football games into an exemplary second screen that enhances my game day experience.

Gone are the days when I had to control myself when my quarterback made a big play. Instead of worrying about my iPad flying off my lap when I jump for joy, I can just land on my feet and quickly glance at my strategically placed iPad supported by the NuStand to see how many points I just scored.

The NuStand’s versatility is especially appealing, allowing me to place my iPad vertically or horizontally. This allows me the options of comfortably watching a second game online in the horizontal position or switching it to vertical to focus on my fantasy-scoring app. Its 360° range of motion allows me the freedom to relocate in case I begin to suspect the spot I am sitting in is bad luck without losing line of sight.

The stands small 8″ x 5.5″ x 12″ footprint means it easily fits on my coffee table, even leaving enough room for nachos, wings and a cold drink. The NuStand 360 has quickly become as much a part of my Sunday football ritual as anything else.

Of course, it has plenty of other uses. It looks great on a desktop and is great for gamers. The NuStand 360 ensures you will never be limited by your iPad’s flatness, or even worse, find yourself propping it up against unstable, unsafe support.

Week to week, it is impossible to know how my fantasy football team will perform. But at least I know I can park it on the couch at kickoff and see everything I need to without every having to move, all day long.

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