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That’s How We Scroll: NewerTech NuScribe 2-in-1 Stylus

PR_nuscribeSome products are simply must-haves because they are just so necessary and affordable. The NewerTech NuScribe 2-in-1 Touch Screen Stylus falls into that category. It makes life so much easier that always having one handy is a no-brainer.

For starters, if you have clumsy thumbs like me, the NuScribe makes texting and scrolling on your iPhone a lot easier. Thanks to its precision formed, soft rubber nib, navigating through my iPad and iPhone has become lot smoother. It also prevents smudging on your touchscreen. That’s a win-win.

Personally, its impact on accurate texting is particularly useful to me. My thumbs tend to type things like, “gty tgjr!” and “qgat yp?” instead of “hey there!” and “what up?” when left to their own devices. The NuScribe immediately eliminated that issue.

If you need more proof as to the NuScribe’s versatility, check out my recent app review of Adobe Ideas. I did all of the digital art in that post with the NuScribe. I realize it’s not museum worthy stuff, but it does show how well the NuScribe can handle complex tasks. Not just any stylus could perfectly capture the arrogance of Captain Kirk’s bare torso.

And for a writer like myself, it’s quite convenient that the NuScribe is also a high-quality twist barrel ballpoint pen. Switching from scrolling or creating in the virtual world to jotting down notes in the real world makes for an incredibly efficient workflow.

The NuScribe also looks cool, which doesn’t hurt anything. It’s available in silver in pink and both versions fit perfectly into a professional environment. The NuScribe introduces cutting-edge performance to classic business-class style, and it does it at a great price.

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