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iPod Touch can hang out with the NewerTech window mount.

In lieu of an iPod/iPhone App review this week, I figured I’d toss out a neat little tip for you with a second- or third-generation iPod Touch.

Those of you (for whatever reason) who have eschewed the “iPhone” route and have gone ahead with an iPod Touch may have been disappointed when you found out that the NewerTech iPhone 3G/3Gs Window/Desk Mount was designed to only fit their portlier iPhone 3G/3GS brethren. I know I was; darn my iPod Touch’s svelte figure!

However, it turns out I was able to get that nifty holder to work with my Touch, after all. Shortly after I got my iPod Touch, I put a Macally Metro cover on it. Well, as it turns out, this case adds just enough bulk to the Touch that it fits wonderfully in the NewerTech window mount! As a bonus, I can leave my iPod protected while using it in the mount – try that with an iPhone!! <evil laugh>

Now it’s possible that this will also work with other cases or covers for the iPod Touch, but I haven’t had a chance to try any others yet. If you’ve had success with another case, I’d love to hear about about it. Go ahead and post your findings below.

Now it’s just a matter of getting the iPod to connect directly to my car’s sound system, rather than through my old NewerTech RoadTrip (the 1/8″ minijack precursor to the TRAFFICJamz)…

OWC Chris S.
the authorOWC Chris S.
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