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Riding the RAM Rollercoaster

Last August, OWC Larry wrote about how memory prices were just coming off of a low price point and would be going up soon. As so often happens when Larry talks about memory prices, he was right on target. If you put off getting your upgrades until now, you’ll be paying more than you would have eight months ago.

The problem is that memory prices are not unlike other commodities, they change as supply and demand does. Right now, RAM manufacturers have higher costs along with a high demand. That means you’re going to see memory price increases across the board, no matter whether you buy from OWC or from one of “the other guys.”

With that in mind, you still want to get the most bang for your buck, and OWC remains at the front of the pack in pricing for your Mac memory upgrades. Add in our cash-back rebates for your old memory, and the lead lengthens considerably, especially since the amount we’re offering in rebate is increasing, too.

To better illustrate how easy it is to get the best price with OWC, let’s take a quick look at a “sample” upgrade.

The 2.8GHz, Mid-2009 15” MacBook Pro came straight from Apple with two 2.0GB SO-DIMMS for a total of 4.0GB. Not a terrible setup, but to get better performance out of it, you would want to bump the memory up to its maximum 8.0GB.

Since there’s only two memory slots in that Mac, the pair of 2.0GB modules would get removed and a pair of 4.0GB modules would be installed in their place. Right now, that’s a cost of $374.99. Out of the gate, OWC is in the lowest price range for these models, but we can take it even lower.

Once the new memory is installed, there’s the matter of the original pair of 2.0GB modules. Sure, you can stick them in a box in your desk, but they’re not doing you much good there. By checking the OWC Rebate Center, we can see that a pair of Apple Original 2GB modules is worth $60 cash back. By filling out the rebate form and sending in the unused memory modules, we bring the cost of the modules down to $314.99. That’s as low a price as you are going to find for the same high-quality modules that OWC sells.

Mac memory prices may fluctuate over time, but you can always count on OWC to have the best prices, no matter the market.

OWC Chris S.
the authorOWC Chris S.
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