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Save cash while Upgrading by Going with OWC.

These days, we could all stand to save a little money. At the same time though, we want our Macs to run more efficiently. Fortunately, with OWC, you can get the best price for your upgrades, and that’s been a popular topic here on the Blog as of late. Earlier this month, we announced that you can get an ultra-high-performance Mac Pro workstation through, using all OWC components. A few days ago, we talked about how, despite memory price increases, OWC still has the best pricing. In between that were a number of price drops on external storage. Clearly, OWC helps save on those upgrades for your Mac, and we’re glad to show you how.

Now, though, we’re not the only ones saying it. Rodrigo Sepúlveda Schulz, a popular European podcaster, tweeted about how it’s much less expensive to upgrade a brand new Mac through OWC than it is to make the same upgrades through Apple. When we contacted him about his findings, he told us:

“After comparing vs. OWC ( on upgrading a MacPro 8-core with 8x4GB RAM and 4x2TB HDs, I realized I could save $3,310.05 by ordering the same upgrades from OWC.”

That’s no small amount of cash.

Of course, not everybody is pumping up a Mac Pro with 32GB of RAM and 8TB worth of storage. Maybe you just want to drop a new hard drive in your Late-08 MacBook Pro or max out the RAM in your Core Duo Mac mini. We’ve got compatible upgrades for the best prices, no matter what Mac you have.

The savings don’t stop there. To help you save the cost of hiring someone to install the upgrades for you, you can even check out our free installation videos that walk you through your upgrades step-by-step.

While others may charge a premium for their “Mac-Compatible” upgrades, OWC helps you do it for less.

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  • I’m still hoping you’ll make a JBOD version of the Qx2 for those of use who want to turn a Mac mini into a “pro” tower. :-)

    • Hey MacRat…you been away for awhile….good to see you back here. Well, have to be honest with you…no immediate plans to offer JBOD with the Qx2. But keep visiting the site…we’re constant developing new products.