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Google-trusted-storeEagle-eyed visitors of might have recently noticed the colorful little logo with a checkmark popping up in the bottom corner when browsing our site and wondered what it means.

The Google Trusted Store program was created by Google to recognize companies that are truly devoted to great customer service and reliable shipping. Certification can be difficult to get and requires a company to meet some very high customer satisfaction benchmarks, so we here at OWC were very excited when we were accepted into the program in October.

To some companies it might just be another fancy logo to add to the bottom of their homepage, but to us it is a symbol of how dedicated we are to the customer and to making sure they have a problem-free experience and get their orders on time with no drama.

By hovering your mouse icon over the Trusted Store logo, you’ll be able to easily see our latest customer service ratings, shipping times, and returns resolutions. Some of these numbers are pretty darn impressive – 99.9% issue free orders, 97% on-time shipping, and less than three hours for a customer service response, in particular.

The proof is in the numbers!
The proof is in the numbers!

The final aspect of the Google Trusted Stores program is their purchase protection plan. Now that OWC is a Google Trusted Store, anything you buy on comes with $1,000 in purchase protection directly from Google for free.

It’s just another way that OWC is ensuring our customers have the best customer service experience available – quick shipping, protected purchases, fast and responsive customer service, and easy returns!


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