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Last-Minute Gift Ideas Sure to Spread Cheer this Christmas; Holiday Saver Deals Still Available

Globe-GiftsWe can’t see you when your sleeping, and we have no idea when you’re awake. But that doesn’t mean OWC doesn’t work just as hard as Santa to bring you exactly what you want for Christmas. Our cutting edge technology and dedication to customer support makes OWC a prime destination for anybody looking to find the perfect gift for the Mac lover in their life.

Without a doubt, OWC has a lot of incredible gift options for Mac lovers, but a few gifts really stand out. Here are some ideas that are sure to bring holiday cheer when found under the tree Christmas morning:

Pre-Owned Macs

It wasn’t too long ago that it would cost thousands of dollars to get the computing power available in one of the many pre-owned Macs available at OWC. But a lot has changed in the past decade, and OWC has the goods to make your holiday Mac wishes come true. OWC has the perfect (and affordable) Christmas gift for anybody that wants to get their hands on a Mac.

Whether you want a MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini or MacBook Air, OWC has you covered. Each used Mac is fully tested and inspected by an OWC technician with Mac OS X installed and ready to boot. Whether you’re buying it for yourself or a loved one, this is a gift that can be enjoyed on a daily basis for many years to come.

NewerTech NuPower Batteries

NewerTech NuPower batteries would make an amazing gift for anybody frustrated by an old battery with unsatisfactory runtime. NuPower batteries deliver higher capacity than any other replacement battery on the market.

Because a NuPower battery provides up to 50 percent more capacity, providing your Mac with longer runtimes and battery lifetime, it really is the proverbial gift that keeps on giving.

OWC Mercury On-The-Go Prootg_ssd

The OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro is the perfect gift for anybody who needs data on the fly. Compatible with both HDDs and SSDs, the On-The-Go Pro offers up to 1.5TB and 480GB of capacity respectively. It packs an incredible data wallop into a compact, easy to carry and stylish casing.

The On-The-Go Pro fits easily into a carrying case or backpack, and thanks to its shock isolation system, it can deal with the rigors of travel. A bump here and there won’t compromise your data.

Available in USB 2.0 & 3.0 and FireWire 800, the On-The-Go Pro is as versatile as it is dependable and portable. Because it works so well for audio/video applications, the On-The-Go Pro would make an especially useful gift for creative professionals.

Built Neoprene 15″ Tote Bag

The Built Neoprene 15″ Tote Bag is a must-buy Christmas gift both because of its utility and the fact that you can have it for a song because it’s currently on special. Normally $79.99, you can now get this high-quality tote bag for a 15-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Retina display for only $19. Nothing would look better under the tree next to a pre-owned MacBook Pro from OWC.

The Neoprene Tote Bag makes it easy to safely take your MacBook Pro with you wherever you go. It comes with a built-in sleeve custom made for a 15-inch MacBook Pro and a protective plush inner lining. It also has an inside zip pocket for storing the rest of your various iDevices, chargers and whatever else you need with you at all times. Its extra-firm neoprene straps help prevent drops when you’re on the go. It’s an affordable way to keep your gear safe and cozy.

OWC Memory UpgradePR_16GBmemory

An OWC memory upgrade is one of the easiest ways to improve just about any Mac’s performance. It is a good gift for any Mac lover who feels like their computer needs a little more kick. Thanks to OWC’s Installation Videos, it is incredibly easy to install your new and improved memory all by yourself and in record time.

All OWC Memory Upgrades are fully tested by the experts at OWC and Apple Qualified to guarantee a lifetime of trouble-free operation. With a wide range of capacities, OWC Memory Upgrades would make an excellent gift for anybody who wants to significantly improve their Mac’s performance easily and affordably!

Hundreds of Great Deals

Of course, these are just some ideas. Check out our Holiday Savers for a ton of great deals from OWC!

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