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It’s Now December… Is It Mac Pro Time Yet?

PastedGraphic-21As the close of 2013 draws nearer and nearer, Mac owners and fans everywhere have been staring at a “coming in fall” or “coming in December” notice for the new, redesigned Mac Pro. Unfortunately we don’t have the inside track on when the machine is actually going to come out, and the rumor sites seem to be pretty quiet on the subject as well.

So, will we see the new cylindrical Mac Pro this week? Advertising has said “coming later this year” and the previously mentioned “coming in December” ad means it could be any day now… so we’ll see.

We here are OWC are certainly waiting with bated breath.

And rest assured, we’re hard at work on some great drives, accessories and more to showcase for the new Mac Pro – whenever it finally does arrive.

UPDATE: Apple has announced that the new Mac Pro will be available to order starting Thursday, December 19.


It's December, but still no new Mac Pro.
It’s December, but still no new Mac Pro.
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  • Here is an idea for OWC:

    Build a Enclosure box for the new Mac Pro. This small rectangular box can contain the new Mac Pro along with the following features:
    1. Mount for 4-8 (or more) x 2.5″ hard drives connected to SATA-to-Thunderbolt adapter which can be configured as a RAID or individual drives.
    2. Additional power supply
    3. 4+ additional USB 3.0 ports – in addition to the Mac Pro’s USB 3.0 ports
    4. 2+ Firewire 800 ports
    5. 2+ eSATA ports
    6. PCIe Expansion slot.
    7. 2 HDMI ports

    One or Two of the Mac Pro’s Thunderbolt ports can be used to connect to the internal hardware.
    The remaining 4 Thunderbolt ports, USB ports, Ethernet and HDMI ports can be linked to an external box on the outside of the enclosure. The top of the Mac Pro and bottom would be open for air flow.

    This effectively turns the Mac Pro into are more useful version of the Mac Pro and have everything contained in one box.

    Just wishing.

  • “And rest assured, we’re hard at work on some great drives, accessories and more to showcase for the new Mac Pro.”

    Any interesting info on any of those bits then?

    • They won’t be able to comment until they are announced.

      Personally, I hope OWC is able to roll out some cost effective Thunderbolt products. :-)