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Make Your New Mac “Better Than New” With FireWire 400 Connectivity

We talk so much about speed, performance, and OWC in this blog that I just had to give some love to one of the exclusive brands we carry….Newer Technology, Inc. Also referred to as fw800400NewerTech, this long time Mac industry manufacturer (trivia buffs: who introduced the first memory upgrades for the Mac?)  is known today for unique consumer friendly/average user solutions that focus on product design and functionality. Case in point is today’s introduction of the NewerTech FireWire 800-400 Adapter.

What this handy little accessory solves is the quandary many of you face after buying one of the newest Mac Pro, MacBook Pro 17″, Mac mini, or iMac models….“great, with FireWire 800 only support, how do I use my existing FireWire 400 devices?” Additionally, this adapter eliminates the hassle of determining which cable type and length to buy.

With this adapter, you can now Plug and Play connect your scanner, printer, memory card reader, external drive, digital camera, iPod and other FireWire 400 devices to the latest Macs quickly and economically. Just plug the adapter into your computer’s FireWire 800 port via the 9-pin male FireWire 800 connector end. Then, just connect any standard 6-pin male FireWire 400 cable to the 6-pin female FireWire 400 connector end.

Now if all that pin and numbering stuff sounds too techie, remember how I mentioned above that NewerTech really takes into consideration the average user experience? Well, there’s even Flash based sequence on the product page that shows just how easy this adapter is to use!

Creating (and showing how to use) an accessory that maximizes your past and present technology investment? Man, nothing “average” about that and in my book, a pretty high performance commitment to thoroughness…and to NewerTech’s slogan of “Newer Is Better Than New”.

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  • Your firewire 800/400 cables are nice to have around also and are less bulky than the adapter.