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Protect Your Laptop in a Snap with the NuGuard Snap-On Laptop Cover

nwt_snap_on_mba_red_gall1There you are in the security line at the airport… we have all been there. That winding snake of people that leads up to the scanners and x-ray machines. Side-note, I have to resist the urge to go sliding through the x-ray machines every single time.

But back to my point, you make it to the front and remove your computer and other stuff from your bag and place it in those bleak gray trays. They run through the x-ray as a TSA person blankly waves you through the metal detector, *beep* beep* beep*, you forgot to take your belt off didn’t you?

Alright, you are gathering your stuff now out of the identical gray trays, but you look and not only are there a million of the same gray trays but there are at least 90,000 of the same MacBook Airs or MacBook Pros with Retina display. Quick, which one is yours, which one belongs to that grouchy guy behind you? Quick! Which is it? Oh wait; you know which one is yours. It’s the one with a huge scratch going right down the middle of all that nice aluminum.

There is an easy and good-looking way around both having the same looking MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with Retina as everyone else as well as the huge scratch: The NewerTech NuGuard Snap-On Laptop Cover. (Note: The NewerTech NuGuard Snap-On Laptop Cover does not protect you against standing in security lines at the airport). The NuGuard Snap-On does provide great looking protection though. It has a soft-touch exterior that feels nice to carry and does not feel brittle like other hard plastics.

The NewerTech  NuGuard Snap-On Laptop Cover comes in a rainbow of colors.
The NewerTech NuGuard Snap-On Laptop Cover comes in a rainbow of colors.

But just because you want to protect your computer you do not have to completely hide it, these cases have an amazing semi-transparent vivid finish in just about any color you could possibly want. Perhaps you want full protection for your laptop. You can also add a color matching or conflicting color NewerTech NuGuard Keyboard Cover while you are at it and protect your computer from spills and small debris. Coverage inside and out.

Add some personality and protection to your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with Retina display with the NewerTech NuGuard Snap-On Laptop Cover and stand out while you stand in line.

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  • i currently have the see through protection, and i cant really complain but with style this would be a nice upgrade,