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Help Your MagSafe 2 Stay Connected With the NewerTech Snuglet

nwtsnuglet_gall1Since the dawn of the original MagSafe magnetic power connector, MacBook owners have had free rein to rest their machines on their laps at any angle and walk recklessly in the dark without the risk of violently ripping the power cord from their laptop.

By most accounts, this is a good thing – no more tugging your machine off the desk every time you accidentally yank the power cord – but the magnetic MagSafe certainly has drawbacks.

Apple’s updated MagSafe design, the MagSafe 2, was made to safely disconnect from your laptop even when just a small amount of pressure is applied to the cable. The lack of a more secure connection makes the MagSafe 2 prone to unintentional disconnections. The magnet is too weak to take a real hit and stay connected. You might not even notice the resulting disconnection until your MacBook notifies you with an abrupt shutdown.

For MagSafe 2 users who have been in this inconvenient situation one too many times, there is now a solution: The NewerTech Snuglet.

The Snuglet is a unique precision-manufactured ring designed to sit inside your MagSafe 2 connector. It provides a more snug fit to help keep your power cord firmly in place by acting as a carrier for the magnetic field without hindering use of the MacBook.

The Snuglet is precisely designed from the best materials for a perfect fit and balance between connection strength and detachment force. It installs quickly, stays installed and is easy to remove for reuse on another laptop. Each box includes two Snuglets and a removal tool and is backed by a NewerTech Lifetime Limited Warranty. The Snuglet is also compatible with the MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adapter.

With the Snuglet, you’ll no longer need to fear inadvertent disconnects or instant shutdowns when tethered to the wall with an old battery that won’t hold a charge. Bring a more secure connection to your MagSafe 2-equipped MacBook today!

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