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Don’t Wait. Upgrade to an OWC SSD Today!

merc-electra-pro-6g_gall4There’s nothing quite like using a Solid State Drive for the first time: blazing speeds, incredible data reliability, no moving parts so it stays cool and runs quietly.

But just because SSDs are powerful, doesn’t mean they’re complicated to use. With our instructional videos, SSDs are an easy plug-and-play install and they are one of the quickest and easiest ways to help immediately get the best performance from your computer – new or old.

It really begs the question: If you’d like more speed from your machine and haven’t upgraded to an SSD, what are you waiting for? Check out some comments from proud OWC SSD owners who have asked themselves that very thing:

‘Superfast startups and app launching’
“[First] time with a SSD. I love it. I can’t believe I waited so long to get one. It was easy to install and setup in my Mac Pro 4,1 as the boot drive. Everything is so much faster from booting up to launching apps. Its like have a brand new computer.” – Anonymous, Boston, Mass.

‘Works Great, Runs Fast!’
“Installed this drive and some RAM on my late 2008 macbook pro and it brought it back to life! Quick and easy install. Why did I wait so long????” – Anonymous, Washington D.C.

“I cannot say enough good things about this drive, if you are even considering it, stop reading and buy it.” – Andrew, Lawrence, Kans.

‘Don’t wait!’
“My original hard drive started acting up so I decided to try a 240GB Mercury EXTREME Pro 6G SSD in my late 2011 MacBook Pro. WOW! Boot times went from 90 seconds to 16. Applications open as fast as I can click on them. Make the change, you can’t buy another upgrade that will improve your performance this much. The only issue I have now is I’m going to have to buy another one for my Mac Mini.” – Anonymous, Charlotte, N.C.

“For years I read all the reviews about the speed of an SSD upgrade. Well it’s almost laughable how much faster my macbook is now. This thing screams, my mac feels twice as fast. To avoid any issues…. with all that is mac… I bought from OWC, and as usual top notch product, service, and support.” – Anonymous

‘Brilliant and surpasses expectations!’
“I was hoping that this upgrade to my 2008 Mac Pro would put off the arduous and costly task of replacing my computer for at least another year and I have to say it has far surpassed any expectations I had before receiving and installing it. … My only regret is that I had not made this upgrade a year ago, but I feel fortunate that I have this now.” – Anonymous, Ontario, Canada

You can find many more customer reviews under the “Ratings” tab on our SSD product pages and see what others are saying about OWC’s line of award-winning SSDs. So don’t wait. Check out what an OWC SSD can do for your workflow today!

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  • Hi Jarrod, I was really hoping to add a Mercury SSD to my 8,1 iMac but OWC doesn’t offer that solution. Is the HD temp sensor and fan control the issue? Do you unofficially support an SSD-HD swap with a fan controller (eg. ssdfancontrol)?

    • Hello Mark, you may upgrade your iMac8,1 to an SSD with no concerns about the thermal sensor issues. The iMac8,1 used a thermal sensor that adhered to the outside of the drive. So you may install a Mercury SSD into your iMac using a 2.5″ to 3.5″ drive adapter like our Link NewerTech AdaptaDrive. You’ll simply be adhering the thermal sensor to the SSD.

      • Thanks Ben, I swapped the HD 2 yrs ago so I’ve seen the sensor etc already. FYI the macsales shop dead-ends visitors in upgrading this model with SSD, only recommends HDD. The next sound you hear is me going to buy a mercury…

        • (A 10 month-later) follow up: The old iMac 8,1 is running great with the Mercury SSD. This is a maxxed-out machine with the SSD and over-spec 6GB RAM. It’s long in the tooth (2008), but I run non-demanding Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign jobs on it daily. I expect to be able to run this Mac for another few years, no reason not to.
          I’ll add that there was heating and shutdown issues before installing the SSD. Opening the iMac I found it clogged with dust; a quick clean out before installing the SSD and no more heat or shutdown issues. Nice

          • Hi, Mark. That’s great to hear! Glad you’re enjoying the new performance.

  • Jarrod, you have no idea of how much I would love to get one of these SSDs in my late 2012 Mac Mini. I will probably have to wait until Christmas, though, until I get the necessary funds, since I will also have to have you folks install this for me. I’m looking forward to improving my Mini’s performance – I upgraded it with a 16 GB memory kit from you folks back in January 2013.

    • Great! We’ll be ready when you are :)

      And the 16GB is a great start. Hope you’re enjoying the performance!

  • I’d love to upgrade my late 2013 Macbook Air! Any updates? Back in January I read a couple news reports that said Q3 2014…well…we have entered Q3.

    • Hi. Rest assured that we’re hard at work on this, and when we’re ready, you’ll hear about it first on the OWC Blog. Thanks!