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Now Is the Time to Upgrade Your Memory with OWC!

OWC1600DDR3S16PWhat’s not to love about adding more memory to your Mac? It’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to bring new life to your Mac. It’s an upgrade you can easily perform with the help of our straightforward installation videos. And your Mac might even be able to hold more RAM than you thought. In fact, some models can hold up to twice as much as Apple claims.

So, if you haven’t already upgraded your Mac’s memory, what are you waiting for?

Upgrading your memory will give your Mac more of what you really want: speed. Your machine will not only run more smoothly, but you’ll be able to run more apps at once. Insufficient memory can cost you valuable work time with drastic slowdowns. And programs such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and iMovie can be severely handicapped by not having enough memory installed.

So how much memory can your Mac hold? Just check your machine’s Model ID and use our easy guide to find out! And check out some comments from customers who have installed OWC memory themselves and gave their Mac a turbo boost:

  • “To think, for a couple hundred bucks my new Mac Mini is blazing fast with 16 gigs of RAM. Can’t express enough how vital a healthy RAM upgrade is in getting the most out of your computer. Mini RAM install is ridiculously easy, but even with the more difficult installs over the years, OWC videos make anything easy. I’m a fan.” Anonymous, Los Angeles
  • “Ram upgrade (to 16 gb) arrived today. Not sure which is faster: the Mac Mini or the service from OWC. I’m more than happy. I’m satisfied.” – Anonymous, York, Pennsylvania
  • “Arrived in two days after ordering, direction sent were easy to follow and installation is so easy. I ordered my new iMac with just 8 [GB] of ram and it ran OK. Once I installed 32 this iMac zooms along so fast. This is a no brainer, buy your memory here and know Macsales stands behind all their products.” – Anonymous, United States
  • “I ordered memory to upgrade my Mac mini, and could not believe how quickly I got the items. I ordered the night before and received the next day! Very happy with the service. I installed the memory myself using your on-line tutorial and did not have any problems. I would recommend OWC to everyone. Keep up the great work!” — Patrick W., Bullhead City, AZ
  • “I found clear, helpful advice about which memory would fit my old laptop, and OWC still had that memory. There was also an option for basic international postage. Well done and thank you.” — Geoffrey R., Tolmie, Victoria, Australia
  • “Apple’s website says that my MacBook Pro (Mid-2010) could only support up to 8GB of memory. OWC proved them wrong, and thank you for that! I’m so happy I did some research before purchasing from Apple. I was able to upgrade from the stock 4GB to 16GB and it was a super easy installation! Now my computer runs so much smoother. This is totally worth the purchase if you’re looking to upgrade, plus it’s a great low price.” – Anonymous, Massachusetts

You can find many more customer reviews under the “Ratings” tab on our memory product pages to see what others are saying about OWC’s line of award-winning memory.

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