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Stay Charged Up For Your Everyday Adventures

nwtcblusbl1mb_heroSo there I was having one of my typical weekends. You know the kind – very Indiana Jones-esque. Anyways, there I am hanging off the side of a cliff looking for treasure and BOOM my rope snaps! Luckily for me not only did I have a good grip, but as I panic keep calm, I remember I have my NewerTech Lightning Cable in my manly explorer man-purse. I tied that bad boy up and my rope was better than new. Also it should be mentioned that I fought off a pack of lions with the cable not but a week later. (Note: Please do not try to hang from your NewerTech Lightning Cable at home… or in a temple.)

Back in reality, I had been doing something just as demanding: pushing my way though the waves and waves of people at SXSW here in Austin. There is one thing that even the most experienced SXSW-goer looks for several times during the day – a place to charge their phone. Sometimes it’s in a crowd of people pushing around a portable charge station. Other times it’s in a socket in a dark alley.

Phones and phone accessories take a beating during this time. I have seen my fair share of cables that have failed, and done so in spectacular fashion with the person behind it having a break down along with it. Not surprisingly though the NewerTech Lightning Cable took the abuse and is still working like a charm. Plug, unplug, plug, unplug, cram it in my bag, drop it, accidently kick it, everything I could throw at it, including throwing it. The NewerTech Lightning Cable is incredibly well built and has a nice solid feel to it as evident by its heavy gauge conductors and nylon braided jacket.

Our cables are convenient to use for anyone with a Lightning device with their “right size” connector design that provides a case-friendly fit. And if you want to pair it with the best case in the game for your iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPad Air, or iPad mini, you can nab a NewerTech Lightning Cable for free! Just purchase a qualifying KX case, and you’ll have the choice of a premium NewerTech 39″ Lightning cable in black or white. Not only will you give your phone the best protection from drops, but you will also get a great cable for free! But you’ll want to act fast; this deal is only good through March 31.

So, whether you are fighting lions or forging a path through tens of thousands of people to find that sweet, sweet phone charging electricity, a NewerTech Lightning Cable is the ultimate accessory.

Rocket Yard Contributor
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