Every Day Is Earth Day With Patented OWC Packaging

OWC Green PackagingEarth Day may have officially been celebrated on Tuesday, but here at OWC we try to treat every day like it’s Earth Day. One way that we do this (well, one of several ways) is with our unique green packaging for shipping, some of which OWC recently received patents for.

We showed you back in September how the OWC Shipping Team designed a more efficient solution for our packaging of hard drives and optical drives. Our team was able to come up with a universal hard drive cushion that can accommodate either a 3.5” hard drive or, by reversing the cushion, can accommodate a 2.5” hard drive. The cushion is not only reversible and made out of recycled newspapers, but also allowed us to shrink the box by 10 percent and is also compostable. And being dual-use with densely nestable design, our hard drive caps also reduce our storage space and transportation needs while being produced in North America, reducing costs which results in savings being passed to customers.

And our newest packaging design for our optical drives features small, lightweight pulp cushion end caps made from durable sugar cane. This packaging allows us to shrink the shipping unit by 40 percent. And the pulp products, while porous and compostable, are still durable and reusable and can be used to store old or occasionally used drives in long term storage. They are also a naturally ESD safe product, as pulp products will generally not conduct or store electrical charges.

We’re obviously proud of these innovations with our shipping, and our recently granted patents for our optical and hard drive packaging mean OWC will continue to bring you the most efficient and green – yet tough – packaging around day-in, day-out making every day feel just a little bit like Earth Day.

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