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Keep Your Screen Looking Great With NuGuard KXs

PR_KXs1213Now is the time to see if my wife is a regular reader of the OWC Blog. While she is the loveliest person I’ve ever met, she seems to have some sort of hatred of her iPhone. If you ask her if she loves it, she will certainly tell you that she does. But watch her for a day, and you will see her drop it an uncountable number of times and just like buttered toast, it always lands face down.

Until recently, it was both the toughest and luckiest iPhone 5 that had been produced. It took fall after fall and avoided major damage, but I always flinched and turned away when I saw it falling to its possible death each time. But then OWC came out with the NuGuard KXs Screen Armor, so I picked one up, went home that same day and slapped it on her phone.

It’s weird, but I almost think that she was dropping it more after that. I still cringe a bit when I see that expensive piece of metal, glass and plastic falling toward the ground in both slow motion and at near the speed of light – slow enough that I can watch it fall, flip and smack the ground but fast enough that I can’t do anything about it. But with its new triple layer of x-orbing protection keeping it safe, I have a lot more confidence during these accidents.

The KXs comes in different shapes and sizes, too. Originally she did not want a case, so we put the full size KXs on her phone. The full size KXs goes from left to right and from top to bottom, covering the entire phone screen. But not long after, she pulled a 180 and wanted to get a case, so of course I got her a KX case with a case friendly KXs screen armor. The case friendly version leaves a small gap around the edge of the phone so that a case can easily fit on the phone when used with a protective case such as the NuGuard KX. This move may have been a mistake. As soon as it was all armored up she dropped it on purpose! Actually, it was more of a purposeful toss and what seemed like 50 bounces. This has become a regular occurrence, she shows everyone. And the phone is still intact and working like a champ!

So if you have a knack for dropping your phone, but want to keep that expensive screen on your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S4 nice and new, arm your device with the best screen protector available with the KXs.

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