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Give Dad The ‘Sneak Attack’ Gift This Father’s Day

Father'sDayRamThere is nothing better than impressing dad with a good Father’s Day gift. Unfortunately, there are many dads that don’t like getting Father’s Day gifts at all – yes, we’ve all gotten the “save your money” speech.

So this year, my girlfriend and I plan on employing the “sneak attack” Father’s Day gift. There’ll be no gift for him to have to awkwardly open. No, the real gift will come when he opens his early-2009 MacBook.

So, what does our sneaky gift entail? It’s pretty simple. While he’s outside working the grill, we’ll be popping in the house for a few minutes to use the computer. But secretly, we’ll be quickly installing 4GB of OWC memory into his aging MacBook (yes, it’s that easy). Then we’ll throw a cheap bow on it and let him discover what a difference new memory can make.

We’re opting for 4GB of memory since his machine only has 2GB currently, and that upgrade alone will provide a significant boost. Had we wanted to, we could’ve taken his model all the way up to 6GB of RAM for maximum performance … but we have to save something for next year, right?

It should be noted that I’ve done this to several MacBooks already and can now do so without OWC’s video installation instructions, but should you need the help, they’ll guide you every step of the way.

So feel free to borrow our idea and try the sneak attack gift for yourself. We have memory upgrades for just about any MacBook your dad might have – and at a great price. So when he gives you the “you should’ve saved your money” speech, you can at least come back with an “I did save money!” speech of your own.

Need some other ideas? Check out our Father’s Day series from last year for a ton of great gift ideas.

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