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Is Microsoft Getting Into the Used Mac Market?

Here we go again… It’s nothing new for Microsoft to use a little creativity to unload some of its Surface tablet stock in exchange for an Apple device. And after their efforts last fall, the company has once again hatched a plan to convert Apple users to its own products.

Microsoft is willing to give you up to $650 in store credit toward its new 12-inch Surface Pro 3 tablet that begins at $799… with one small caveat… it’ll cost you a working MacBook Air. Correction: A good condition, current generation working MacBook Air.

Of course, you can trade in other working models (Microsoft doesn’t indicate which it accepts), but the deal suggests only the newest model Airs that are in good condition will get the top end of that $650. We’re guessing their dollar offer takes a precipitous bit of a decline after that. So judge for yourself whether you’re actually trading “up” in this situation, or if it only seems like a good deal … on the surface.

Microsoft also benefits in that it could likely turn around and sell used Airs in good condition for about $700-$750. Whereas the Surface, as shown from Microsoft’s selloff in the past, loses its value as fast as a new car driven off the lot.

But with this offer, it’s clear that Microsoft has set the bar pretty high in terms of who it views as its direct competition. And we can’t fault them for being creative in their marketing. Heck, maybe they’re just using that creative marketing to get some new Macs in their team’s hands :)

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  • Finally! Microsoft has found a way to make money in the hardware market. Anyone who’s seen the Blue Screen of Death shouldn’t be surprised that Microsoft is resorting to being the car salesmen of the tablet world. Lol.

  • I heard a rumor that a Microsoft building was broken into and only the Macs were stolen.

    Maybe they just want to get replacements. :-)