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Wear Your Support on Your Sleeve with Got Your 6!


We look to celebrities not only for entertainment, but also for advice on fashion and trends. Sometimes, they can wear some pretty classy things that make you wish your last name were “DiCaprio” or “Clooney” so you could afford to buy those $800 shoes. Sometimes they start a strange trend and despite our better judgment we suddenly end up wearing Ray Bans and acid wash jeans again. And sometimes, they are Lady Gaga and wear a meat dress (thank God that one didn’t catch on).

But one trend that celebrities indisputably have right is the Got Your 6 pin. Celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Michael Douglas, Bradley Cooper, and Alec Baldwin have all been sporting the pin to show support for our veterans.

Got Your 6 utilizes these celebrities along with veteran-focused nonprofit organizations to bridge the civilian-military divide. Since its beginnings in 2012, Got Your 6 has already received 411,000 commitments from the business community to provide jobs for veterans and their families, and has teamed up with the 100,000 Homes Campaign to provide housing for over 31,000 veterans.

OWC is proud to be a National Sponsor of Got Your 6, and is making these pins available through our website for only $6. We also are offering a $6 discount on all order $75 & up that include this pin on the order. 100% of the proceeds from pin sales ($6 per pin we ship regardless of the discount) goes directly to Proudly wear this golden “6” emblem on your lapel, hat, backpack, or fanny pack (something that practical just can’t go out of style).

These pins (along with all Got Your 6 merchandise) are made in the USA to support American manufacturing and help strengthen local communities.

And with the smell of barbecues, fireworks, and Independence Day in the air, it’s the perfect time to take a moment to realize what it is that makes our country great. Recognize those who make daily sacrifices to preserve our freedom and independence, and think of the ways we can help welcome them back to our communities after they return. Take a small step toward helping those that do so much for us by picking up a Got Your 6 pin today, and let our veterans know that they have our support!

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  • Hi,

    I’m a military spouse. We served the military for 20 years. I love the symbolism of the “6” pin,
    how can I purchase them. I have a team of 50. It would be an awesome surprise for them and knowing what it means brings this Labor Day to a beautiful close.

    thanks a million,

    Susan Murray