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Get the Mac mini Upgrade You Need Today

ddmmkitAnother WWDC came and went last month, but with the focus completely on software, there were no new hardware releases to be found. A couple of weeks later, Apple released a new $1,099 iMac model but didn’t introduce updates to any other models in its Mac lineup.

There has been no shortage of rumors concerning a refresh of the Mac mini for 2014, but so far they’ve been unfounded. It’s now been more than a year and a half since Apple’s smallest/least expensive entry in the Mac lineup saw its last update in October 2012.

However, if you’re already a Mac mini owner awaiting a new model or just looking for an affordable but powerful entry into the Mac world, OWC offers options to get greater performance from any Mac mini – right now.

Speed, Capacity and More!
The easiest way to get better speed and capacity from your Mac mini instantly is with a memory upgrade and a high-performance Solid State Drive. PR_ministackMAXDepending on your model, Mac minis support up to 16GB of RAM and our SSDs come in capacities up to 960GB so you don’t have to sacrifice storage space in the name of performance.

But if you need truly massive storage space, the OWC Data Doubler kit will give you everything you need to install a second drive directly in your Mac mini! We even offer step-by-step installation videos to guide you along the way.

But there are ways to get more from your Mac mini beyond speed and capacity upgrades. As we’ve covered before on the OWC Blog, Apple has phased out the optical drive from its Macs. With the miniStack MAX, you can bring useful optical capabilities back to your workflow in a package that features a high capacity drive, media reader and Blu-ray drive. Best of all, the miniStack MAX matches the footprint of the 2010 and later Mac mini, so its stacks perfectly with the mini and maximizes your workspace. (And check out the miniStack Classic for storage and backup for 2009 and earlier Mac minis.)

Be sure to visit for more great accessories that will help you get the most out of your current Mac mini today!

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  • Hello,

    I have a n old Mac Mini that is powered by a g4 processor chip. Obviously, It is no longer useful due to the fact that it is not Intel chip powered and can’t run the latest iTunes, Safari etc. it also can’t deal with iCloud.

    Are there any upgrades for this unit besides buying a new one?

    • While Apple computers with PPC processors are getting dated compared to the current Intel processors, the PPC machines can still be great computers. There are a variety of internal drive, Memory, and external drive upgrade options available for your machine. I’d recommend taking a look for compatible upgrades with our My OWC