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Get New Performance For the New School Year from Your MacBook

People change a lot through four years of high school, or through four (or five or six…) years of college. Interests change. Majors change. It’s a natural part of the growth process. And with all this change going on in our lives while we’re at school, why would we expect that our computing needs wouldn’t change?

It’s not good to be locked in to one thing, be it a choice of a major or something (slightly) less important such as how much RAM or storage space your MacBook or MacBook Pro has installed. That’s why OWC carries the best upgrades that let your computer’s performance and storage grow with your growing educational needs.

Our recently launched Back to School page puts all the great upgrades for your MacBook in one place, so you’ll know exactly how to give your machine a serious boost in performance with OWC’s selection of memory and Solid State Drives.

Memory and Solid State Drives 101
Maximizing your memory isn’t just useful before embarking on that intimidating Ancient Greek History class or for remembering how to get back to your dorm after a long night at the … library. Upgrading your MacBook’s memory is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to speed up your machine. You might even be able to install more memory in your MacBook than you thought. Check out our OWC MaxRAM Memory Certification page to see just how much your model can truly take.

And OWC SSDs will give you blazing speeds and incredible data reliability without moving parts so it stays cool and runs quietly. You can even opt for a Data Doubler for many MacBook models in place of your optical drive and get nearly instant boot and app loads from an SSD and expand your capacity at the same time! And if you still need optical capabilities, we have external optical solutions to repurpose the internal Apple SuperDrive.

So if you’re looking to get the best performance possible from your current MacBook or MacBook Pro before school begins, check out OWC’s upgrades that will bring out performance in your machine that you never thought possible!

Get a pre-owned Mac from OWC
Still looking for an affordable computer to take to school? OWC has perfect options for a “new” Mac.

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