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OWC Refurbished MacBook Airs Are Perfectly Affordable, ‘Broken In’ Option for Any User

VeryGood_heroThe MacBook Air is a beautiful and impossibly thin machine. So you’d be forgiven for absolutely dreading that first ding, dent or scratch on your brand new model.

But once you do get that inevitable first blemish, you’ll realize that you still have a perfectly functional MacBook Air. So why not bypass that dreaded first-scratch heartbreak all together and save hundreds of dollars while you’re at it?

For those who want an affordable model for themselves or a “broken in” Air for their accident-prone child, OWC is constantly adding pre-owned MacBook Airs to our inventory ranging from Fair to Excellent Condition at prices starting at just $579! This is hundreds of dollars cheaper than buying a similar model brand new, and though there are external imperfections, you’ll still get an awesome Air that performs perfectly.

What can Air do for you?
The MacBook Air’s form factor makes it a fantastic choice whether you use it as your dedicated home/desktop solution or as your primary portable machine. But what’s on the inside of the Air also brings flexibility.

Many people opt to use the Mac mini as a home server. But at a similar price, a MacBook Air can make a great alternative that brings its own advantages such as a built-in screen and keyboard. Another added benefit to using your Air as a home server is since it has a built-in battery, you won’t need an “uninterruptible power supply”. So if the power fails your server stays on. And any blemishes are even less noticeable on a machine that’s primarily a home server.

The MacBook Air also utilizes a high-performance Solid State Drive, so it will run cool and quietly. The 2011 and later Airs have Thunderbolt and USB ports, so you can add a USB hub and thunderbolt docks for more expansion ports and endless possibilities.

With OWC refurbished Macs, you know what you’re getting
We don’t take the process of grading our refurbished Macs lightly. OWC takes efforts to make it clear why we consider a unit to be in “Excellent”, “Very Good”, “Good” or “Fair” condition. We even show galleries of actual units in each condition for each model we feature, so you’ll get an idea of what your machine will look like. This helps ensure that you’ll get a Mac in the condition you expect without the surprises that some other places with lesser criteria will provide. Here is a summary of our condition grades:

  • Excellent Condition: May have minor scuffs or light scratches but are generally in fantastic condition.
  • Very Good Condition: May have minor scuffs, small pocks, and/or light scratches showing light use, but are in generally great condition.
  • Good Condition: May have cosmetic scuffs, pocks, minor dents, screen key marks (normal wear and largely unnoticeable when system is in use), and/or scratches from prior use, but are generally in good condition.
  • Fair Condition (laptop): While the housings may have scratches and/or dents, the screens may show key marks (normal wear and largely unnoticeable when system is in use), and the power supply may have reinforced cable patching these machines are fully tested and 100% operational.
  • Fair Condition (desktop): While the housings may have scratches and/or dents, they are fully tested and 100% operational.

OWC individually inspects and fully tests every pre-owned Mac to confirm full functionality and accurate grading. All refurbishments and upgrades are performed by our Apple Certified Technicians. Our used Macs even come with OS X installed and are ready to boot right out of the box.

So check out OWC’s Refurbished MacBook Air models, and the entire lineup of pre-owned Macs, and get the perfect fit for you while saving hundreds of dollars!

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