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Everyone Needs Rescuing at Times – Even Your Data

DataRescue_USBWe’ve all either been there or likely will be there one day. You’re staring at a gray screen, your computer won’t boot, and a wave of stress and panic comes crashing down on you as you pray for the safety of your precious data.

At OWC, we know that having a hard drive failure is the bane of the entire computing experience. Nothing is worse than losing all your apps, hard work, and the priceless photos and videos that have created so many fond memories for you and your loved ones.

With so much on the line, it’s imperative that you properly prepare for this dreadful event. Designed specifically for Mac, Prosoft Data Rescue 4 is the complete DIY hard drive recovery software that’s absolutely safe to use because it doesn’t write to the hard drive or attempt any risky repairs.

In fact, this state-of-the-art data recovery software is so safe and powerful that many data recovery services, including all major branches of the U.S. Military and intelligence agencies, all use the exact same software to prevent data loss.

‘Unrivaled by its competitors’
“Data Rescue proves to be the one Mac data recovery utility that consistently generates results. The software performed flawlessly in all of our testing and its effectiveness, usability and overall functionality remains unrivaled by its competitors. No matter what kind of data loss you have experienced, Data Rescue should be your first go-to solution.” – Chris Snoke, TopTenReviews

Here’s a glimpse at some of the powerful features that make the Data Rescue 4 the perfect data recovery software for your beloved Mac:

  • Works on all Mac hard drives, including drives that fail to mount or operate.
  • Recovers deleted, lost, and damaged files.
  • Recovers digital pictures from your camera media even after it has been erased or reformatted.
  • Allows recovery of your entire Mac hard drive or just the files you need.
  • Proprietary BootWell technology – boot and recover files from 64-bit Intel Macs.
  • Recovers all file types from any HFS / HFS + formatted hard drive.
  • Tuned for all modern Mac OS versions 10.7.5 through Mavericks.
  • Recovers from any iMac, MacBook Air, Mac mini, Mac Pro, and MacBook Pro including Retina display models.
  • RAW data recovery is enabled from the entire Mac hard drive.
  • Supports data recovery from NTFS-based Boot Camp Partitions.
  • Capable of quick scan, deep scan, deleted files scan, cloning, and File IQ.

Risk free performance Guarantee
You will receive $200 credit toward data recovery service through Prosoft Engineering if your hard drive is physically broken.

So let Prosoft save you, and your data, from these dire events and prove to you that data loss is only temporary and that your irreplaceable data can be rescued!

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