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Double Down on Data Protection with Guardian MAXimus

2011-gmax-hero-flatBackups are good. Football players have someone to step in for them in case they get hit by one too many 500-pound Linemen, McDonald’s offers two Quarter Pounders for $2 (in case the first one leaves you begging for more indigestion), and you always bring double the amount of pants you need for a trip in case a series of random and terrible food stains befall them (I can’t be the only one who does this).

And in the technology industry, everyone knows backups are good, too. There are just certain things you can’t risk losing – your senior thesis, copies of old home movies, or those pictures of your friend passed out holding a bottle of wine in one hand and mashed potatoes in the other (the mashed potatoes can also be found on the corners of his mouth and on his left eyebrow – it’s a great picture).

That’s why OWC has you covered with the NewerTech Guardian MAXimus high-performance storage solution. The Guardian MAXimus features a Hardware RAID-1 Mirror. That means when you back up your data it is simultaneously written to both drives within the Guardian MAXimus, providing an identical redundant copy. So even if one of your drives were to fail, the other drive holds all of your data intact and allows you to keep working without missing a beat or a cat video on YouTube.

The Guardian MAXimus is available in capacities up to 5.0TB + 5.0TB to meet all of your storage needs and helps protect all of your important data. And with its sleek, black look and whisper-quiet operation, the Guardian MAXimus is almost like a ninja.

Backing up your data is as essential as brushing your teeth, copious amounts of caffeine in the morning, and chocolate after a long day of work—so pick up a Guardian MAXimus from OWC today and rest easy knowing that your data is safe.

Note: For a complete backup solution, ideally you will want three copies of your data – the original and two copies with one kept off-site in the event of a fire, tornado etc. For more, check out this blog post

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