Apple Makes a Big Investment in Renewable Energy

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, announced Tuesday that the company has made a 25-year solar energy agreement with First Solar Inc. to power its California operations.

In what Cook called the company’s “biggest, boldest and most ambitious project ever,” Apple will buy $850 million in solar energy from First Solar. The new plant, which will be built by First Solar, will output 280 megawatts of electricity with 130 of those megawatts being bought by Apple.

Of course, we at OWC applaud this effort from Apple and understand the importance of renewable energy as shown by our own solar power initiatives. Our OWC Austin facility officially began harnessing the power of the sun in January of last year.

OWC solar panel project for its Austin facility is fully installed. (Click to enlarge)
OWC’s solar panel project for its Austin facility. (Click to enlarge)

Check out Apple Insider’s article for more information on Apple’s new green energy deal. You can also read more about OWC’s solar and green initiatives on the Rocket Yard or at our Green Headquarters!


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  • Renewable energy? Making these solar arrays, typically in China, isn’t exactly environmental nice. And how ‘renewable’ will it be given the enormous amount of expense and labor (by commuting employees) required to maintain it. Driving about, a rarely see a solar array on a home that’s more than a few years old that hasn’t been abandoned.

    A far more sensible approach in low-carbon emission natural gas generation with the waste heat used for other purposes.

    • Exactly. This looks just like the scam that is electric cars, when after the manufacturing and transport of batteries in China and being powered by coal powered plants, the benefits are far outweighed by the effect of burning gasoline, or even diesel. At least the hippies feel good about it though, right?