Hot Read: Macworld Takes a Look Back at First ‘Portable’ Macintosh

apple-logo-2While we don’t typically get caught up in Internet theme days at the Rocket Yard, we wanted to share something that just happens to be a throwback on this fine Thursday. And worthy of a “TBT” hashtag, the folks over at Macworld have taken a look back at the “spiritual ancestor of the MacBook Air” for its Think Retro series.

The Macintosh Portable is Apple’s first battery-powered portable Macintosh personal computer. And although it’s technically portable, at 15.8 pounds (or roughly the weight of a bag of potatoes) it would pose a major threat to shoulders everywhere if carried on a regular basis.

And we know … comparing Apples and potatoes is not entirely fair (especially when the Apple is 25-year-old technology), it’s still an interesting look at how far we’ve come in terms of true portability with our computers.

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