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27″ iMac i5 Unboxing

We just got our first 2.66GHz Quad-Core 27″ iMac i5 machine within the last hour and I really wanted to share our excitement with you.  So we took photos of our unboxing of this unit.

The box itself is sturdy and strong with a comfortable enough handle to lug this baby with it’s monster screen wherever you need:

A quick shot of the specifications listed on the box top:


Once opened, everything is neat, clean and protected.  No surprise here as Apple does a great job with their packing materials.  Enough to be sturdy and secure, yet not too much to end up in the landfill:


The usual keyboard and documentation box:


Sliding off the cover reveals the Apple wireless keyboard wrapped in cellophane to keep it pristine and the documentation:


Removing the keyboard reveals a handy cloth to keep the screen smudge free in the future and the soft padded sleeve containing the Apple Magic Mouse:


And we have all the accessories out of the packaging.  That Apple Magic Mouse is pretty sweet.  There are two installation DVDs included – one for Mac OS X 10.6 and the other contains iLife ’09:


All that’s left in the box is the iMac itself and a little more packaging:


Again a soft cover over the aluminum keeps the iMac scratch-free in transit.  And look, two bags of candy included… oh wait.. that’s just the drying agent.  Even says “Do not eat” on the packaging.  Pretty tricky Apple!


Removing the soft cover reveals a cellophane tape wrapping to the outside of the screen.  No way dust, fingerprints or smudge is getting on that screen while hooking everything up:


And here is the final product, ready to turn on and use:


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  • Michael do you know the shipping dimensions of the box of the new 21″ and 27″ i3/5/7 iMac ? I need to know the box size and weight since I’m living overseas and there’s a shipping restriction.
    many thanks!

    • The 27″ box is about 24″ Tall x 30″ Wide x 9″ Thick.
      The 21.5″ box is about 20 1/2″ Tall x 24″ Wide x 8 1/4″ Thick.

  • Ya, I will be getting one of those babies (my old G4 is still running great thanks to your upgrades) when my new studio is ready … hum I think I will miss the extended keyboard, what do you think. I guess the i7’s are a special order.

    your + 4 gb of ram is the ticket.


  • Oh yeah, love the magic mouse, such an awesome mouse. What’s even better is the take apart. Apple does such a great job on engineering.