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Give Your iPod Classic New Life with iFlash

ipodwithIFLASHIf you’re among the large group that’s ready to fall back in love with the iPod Classic or simply need to bring new life to your current iPod Classic, OWC has the perfect solution to modernize your device.

Like dropping an efficient modern engine in your classic muscle car, Tarkan iFlash allows you to install an SDHC or SDXC storage card in place of the HDD to give your classic model iPod a new gear.

The performance and data protection provided by the iFlash will make you fall in love with your iPod all over again.

Take ownership over your music
The iPod Classic is still in high demand and is the preferred MP3 player of many audiophiles for its sound quality and pure capacity versus smartphones, as well as its convenience for distraction-free listening without requiring an expensive subscription fee.

With iFlash, you can get up to a massive 128GB of capacity and store your music, movies and photos on non-volatile flash memory with faster access times and better skip protection than the original HDD that originally came with your iPod.

Revive an iPod with damaged HDD
Many older iPod Classics are prematurely thrown out or tossed in a drawer simply because the original HDD is damaged or functioning improperly. The iFlash will help you get the most out of your investment by significantly extending your iPod’s life, while giving your device better performance than ever at the same time. In three straightforward installation steps, you can transform your iPod back into the audio and video powerhouse it once was.

The iFlash is available now as an add-your-own-card unit or in a 128GB SDXC bundle!

Listen longer
Want to listen to your music or watch videos for longer than you ever could before? OWC also offers battery upgrades for iPods. Check out NewerTech NuPower Batteries to replace your iPod’s dead or dying battery.

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  • Puzzled: I converted an iPod Classic 30 GB to flash with Tarkan’s adapter and have been very happy with it. However it suddenly refused to fully charge the battery. Replaced the battery to no avail, switched chargers, no difference. Does anyone know what the issue could be? Thank you.

  • I have a 160 GB Classic working fine. I want a bigger SSD. Would you know a place in New York to have the service done?

    • We are very sorry but we do not know of any service shops that you could take it to in New York. We can however recommend to go to any Apple certified shop!

      Please let us know if you have any further questions!

  • Interesting product. I searched for an installation video but found none. Is one in the making?

  • Meowrs! :)

    The blog and respective item pages leave out something I would consider rather important, and that is the “how” one will install an SD card after installing the iFlash device.

    Neither the pictures nor the description tells how that would be accomplished. Now, being a techie, I *assume* the standalone unit is sold without installation option by OWC since obviously an iPod is useless without any storage at all. I take it then that the standalone unit must be installed manually as well and an SD card has to be inserted into it before installation, yes?

    Regarding the iPod Classic 6th Generation, you note that 128 GB SDXC card is the limit due to the OS. Could you elaborate more on that? While 128 GB *should* be enough for 99% of people out there (I might be the lone exception!), larger capacities, if available, should theoretically be doable so long as the adapter in use (iFlash) conforms to the CE-ATA specification used by the iPod 6th Gen. I’m really curious about that OS limitation though and just what it is.

    I do think you could benefit here by combining the installation service you provide for the iPod batteries with the iFlash as well. It could make for a great all-in-one bundle for a dying/aging iPod. I would probably take advantage of that service to give my old iPod Classic 6th Gen new life so I could give it to my mom without worry that the HD would die on her if she dropped it or something like that.

    I look forward to any response you might have for me on these things. :)

    • The SD card is installed directly in the IFlash itself. Before you install the IFlash into your iPod, you will need to install the desired SD card. Please take a look at the 2nd picture. This shows the SD card in the IFlash.

      Upon testing, we were able to find the 6th gen iPods have a maximum limit of 128GBs. If larger SD cards were applied into the iPod, it would make it unstable. The OS is not able to handle anything larger then 128GBs.

      At this time OWC does not offer installation of this product. The best way to keep informed in the matter is to follow our blog and and subscribe to our newsletter .

      • Thanks for the reply Dyllon.

        It’s strange that 128 GB is the limit here as these units have the capability to drive a 160 GB HD. I wonder if the OS on these particular iPods is using only 36/40-bit LBA instead of 48-bit LBA, as that would be the only thing I can think of that limits size like that. That in conjunction with the fact that SD cards don’t have sizes between 128/256 could also factor in if 160 GB is the OS hard limit.

        You might consider a hard limit of 160 GB via partitioning before installing and seeing if that is stable. If it is, then it’s definitely an LBA issue as CE-ATA specifications allow for >128 GB sizes.

        As for not offering installation, you should consider it. I bet lots of people interested in the iFlash are also in the situation where their battery is dying a slow death too. Killing two birds with one stone might net you more sales. :)