Hot Read: Wired Uncovers ‘History of the Apple Watch’

iPad-globeOn Thursday, we showed you a look into Apple’s wrist accessory history with the “iWatch” circa 1999. Now, has taken a look at the history behind Apple’s wrist accessory future: the Apple Watch.

The long form article has insight from executive members of Apple’s team, which shows exactly what the company is trying to achieve with the Apple Watch, as this excerpt illustrates:

“Questions started coalescing around the idea of a watch: What could it add to people’s lives? What new things could you do with a device that you wear? Around this time, Ive began a deep investigation of horology, studying how reading the position of the sun evolved into clocks, which evolved into watches. Horology became an obsession. That obsession became a product.

Along the way, the Apple team landed upon the Watch’s raison d’être. It came down to this: Your phone is ruining your life. Like the rest of us, Ive, Lynch, Dye, and everyone at Apple are subject to the tyranny of the buzz—the constant checking, the long list of nagging notifications.”

It’s definitely worth a read to get a better idea of Apple’s thinking behind its first new modern product line without Steve Jobs at the helm.


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