Want an Apple Watch Discount? Get a Job with Apple

Apple Watch Illustration by Steve SandeApple rumor site MacRumors received a copy of an email sent by Apple CEO Tim Cook to all Apple employees today, and it not only appears that Cook is excited about the Apple Watch, but wants as many employees as possible to get their hands on the new device. The company is offering employees a 50 percent discount on the aluminum Apple Watch Sport and stainless steel Apple Watch, or up to $550 off the gold Apple Watch Edition.

Cook’s email reported that the discounts will begin at pre-order on Friday and last for 90 days, so if you’re not currently an Apple employee, you at least have three months to get your resumé polished and get that job at Apple. Of course, it might be easier to just buy one without the discount…

Referring to developers working on Watch apps, Cook also noted that “more than one thousand apps were submitted in just four days last week when the App Store started accepting them, and the rate of submissions has only been climbing since then.” That’s good news for the hundreds of thousands of people who are expected to attempt a pre-order starting at 12:01 AM PT on Friday, April 10 through the online Apple Store.

Cook also said that “On Friday, in over four hundred stores across four continents, we’ll open our doors to people who want to try on Apple Watch for the first time and start deciding which one is right for them.”

How about you? Are you looking forward to a new Apple platform, or does the thought of wearing a watch again after years of using your iPhone as a portable timepiece leave you less than enthralled? Let us know in the comments.

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