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Customers Praise Ultra-Versatile OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock

PR_TB2DOCK-1In case you missed our recent announcement, the OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock is now available for same-day shipping. The ultra-versatile dock has already gained a sizable share of fans and since it began shipping, those fans have shared their impressions and experiences.

Below are just some of the reviews that have come in so far. Be sure to check out our OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock page for even more reviews and ratings from owners of the dock!

OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock customer reviews
“I’m using a retina iMac with lots of peripherals including multiple FireWire drives. This dock has saved me. Everything on it works and works perfectly. I can use my FireWire drives with no difficulty whatsoever and all of the ports work perfectly.”
Customer rating: 5/5

“I am wowed with this little guy! Well built, clean layout, real power supply, super quiet (no electrical or RF noise). I bought this to hookup a UAD Apollo Twin TB, UAD Satellite FW800, HD monitor, 4 HDs, 1 Apple SuperDrive to my Mid14, rMBP. It all works flawlessly and really cleaned up my setup – now I only have 1 TB cable attached to the laptop + all the other ports on the laptop are available.”
Customer rating: 5/5

“I’ve been looking at Thunderbolt docks for several years now, since they first emerged, but had not yet taken the plunge. … The OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock has it all – 5 USB 3 ports that fully live up to their promise, FireWire 800, HDMI, gigabit Ethernet, dual Thunderbolt 2, audio in/out, clean engineering design that really make sense, and a solid price point. I’ve only had mine for a couple now and I love it. I’m so glad I waited. This probably won’t be the last one I purchase!”
Customer rating: 5/5

“I take my MacBook Pro Retina back and forth between one location that has a Thunderbolt Monitor and another location that has a third-party monitor without all the connections – that is until I got this nifty box! It saves me a bunch of rassling with connectors. I’m very happy!”
Customer rating: 5/5

“I am an owner of a new Retina 5K iMac and have a large number of external drives I need to connect to it along with a 4K external monitor. With various dongles and Apple adapters, I could connect everything to my iMac but with no free ports to attach flash drives. Additionally, for some reason when using the Apple recommended Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter for 4K TVs, the resolution output directly from the iMac was not consistently correct. Moreover, since I needed both Thunderbolt ports for my connections to hard drives and the TV, I could not connect my Firewire drive to the computer as I would have needed one of the these Thunderbolt ports for the Apple Firewire adapter.

Enter the OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock. This worked immediately upon connection, got all but a single cable connection off the back of my iMac leaving a free Thunderbolt port and 4 empty USB 3.0 ports for future use. I got my ethernet cable out of the back of my iMac and plugged that into the OWC dock also. The HDMI output of the dock works perfectly with my 4K passthrough tuner and 4K TV at exactly the expected resolution every time. … In short, I love this dock and now consider it my most useful iMac peripheral.”
Customer rating: 5/5

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