Other World Computing Headquarters Now Resides at ‘8 Galaxy Way’

The name “Other World Computing” has long stood to symbolize our commitment to providing an out of this world experience for our customers and unmatched support for Mac and PC users… not to mention our affinity for all things outer space.

And now, the road that OWC headquarters in Woodstock, Ill. is located on has become a bit more “other worldly” itself. What was formerly Bridge Lane is now officially named “Galaxy Way” to better capture the spirit of OWC’s out of this world mission!

To be exact, OWC’s LEED Platinum Certified headquarters now resides at 8 Galaxy Way (formerly 2650 Bridge Lane) with the “8” standing as a sci-fi nod of its own, representing an upright infinity symbol.

Check out a photo of our fancy new street sign below that makes it official!


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