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Some tasty Friday leftovers for Cyber Monday feasting

One thing is for sure…when OWC Larry has a good deal, he just loves telling the world about it…and very often before the “big day”. I gotta a bet here with OWC Michael that Larry likely had all his Christmas presents opened wayyyy before Christmas morn. And in that vein of early presents, this is another reason why you should subscribe to OWC Larry’s Tips n’ Deals Newsletter.

While I was timing many of our efforts to peak/start/drop/etc. on Friday, he was letting loyal followers know about the below deals several days earlier. And he likely did this because, as he said in his subsequent newsletter, “I’ve never been one for big crowds and it’s quite the madhouse out there. Reports suggest about 50 people for every ‘doorbuster’ special. There are also huge crowds on the internet, but that’s from the comfort of home where you can lean back and proceed like it’s any other day of the year. It’s not exactly like any other day as we’ve a great line up of specials worked out with many of our top suppliers. Some are limited, others are ‘all you can eat’ till the weekend and Monday are over. Order $150 or more, and even the freight can be on us. Some really crazy good deals, but without the craze going on in the malls and on the streets today.”

Having gone out to a few stores on Friday morning just to see the madness live, I gotta give Larry the win here. While some situations were truly humorous, I truly believe shopping online is the safer – and saner – thing to do. So, we still have some Black Friday leftovers – plus some new “side dishes” just for Cyber Monday – for your convenient feasting today.

Keeping it real simple – just good deals

Order $150 or more for Free Delivery within the 48 Continental USA. Delivery from $1.99 to all USA Destinations, International Delivery starting from under $5.

View over 150 specials + with great images and easy sorting online.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 now $117.50 —– Parallels v5 (Run windows on Mac) Latest Version $49.00

2.0TB 7200RPM Hard Drive for $149(AR) —— External Enclosure Kit/Dock Bundles from $175(AR)

Apple OS 10.6 Upgrade Single User $27.50 —– Apple OS 10.6 Snow Leopard Upgrade 5-User $42.50

Apple iBook G3s up to 800MHz from $99.00 —- Apple iBook G4/1.33&1.42GHz 14″ Models from $279.99

BRAND NEW, Box Opened: Apple MacBook Pro 17″ 2.8GHz Factory 8GB/500GB/SuperDrive, Etc $2775…ONLY TWO LEFT!
Unused, full factory warranty, complete and $345 off Same Direct from Apple! Only two units left – likely will go fast.
Latest Apple 17″ with OS 10.6, iLife, Etc.

Matias Laptop 12″ to 15″ Aluminum Case retail $99.95 for $49; BookCase Pros for 13″ & 15″ not $19.99, $4.99!

Great Laptop Stands from $9.99 —- Matias ‘Portable Office’ Stand & Folding keyboard for $49.00

MacBook & MacBook Pro 13/15″ ‘Protective Shell Cases’ up to 40% offApple Keyboard Protectors from $4.99

NewerTech nuPower High Capacity MacBook and MacBook Pro Batteries now in stock, on special for $97.50

Plug & Play External 22X DVD/CD Burner with LightScribe $65.00 —- Internal/External Blu-Ray from $119

New Late 2009 Acer Model: 24″ White LED Backlit 1920×1080 Widescreen Display w/Hub & Speakers $295.00
Great Responsiveness, Color, Clarity, – darks are darks and high speed action doesn’t go blurry. For a long time we’ve looked for a display that’s got great performance at a great value. Competes with much higher cost displays!

OWC USB to DVI/VGA/HDMI Video Display Adapter – Add up to 4 Additional Displays via USB – $59.00, $40 Off

OWC Express 2.5″ Enclosure Kit Special $9.99 Limited Quantity (Normal $15.00), Bundles w/HD from $69.99

3.5″ SATA Enclosure Kits from $19.00 — Limited Supply Radion 2-Bay SOHORAID w/PCIe SATA Card $99.00

750GB Caviar ‘Black’ 7200RPM High Performance Hard Drive with 5 Year WD Warranty $0.10/GB, $75.00

XGear ‘Carbon Fiber’ weave protective case for Apple iPhone – $20.00 — Also available for ‘Touch’ $20.00
I personally use this case with my iPhone and give it a glowing recommendation. Retail is $49 – and I’d still recommend it at that price. Exceptional protection, great design – fit – and feel. Doesn’t pick up lint, etc. either!

Apple MacBook & MacBook Pro MagSafe AC Adapters from $39.00 Auto/Car to AC Inverters from $9.99

Memory Card Media Reader/Writers from $12.99 —– Quality USB2 Hubs from $12.50

Laptop/Mac mini (intel) HD Upgrade 320GB 7200RPM 2.5″ from $75, 500GB 7200RPM 2.5″ from $119.00

Wireless 802.11n (up to 300MBit/s) Adapters & Routers from $35.00 – Plug & Play 802.11g/b USB2 Adapter for $19

In-Line Mic $3.99, Great sounding Earbuds for $9.99, 3 in 1 Audio/Sync/Charging $7.99 & More for iPod/iPhone

LensPen VidiMax LCD/Plasma Premium Cleaning Kit with unique ‘carbon formula’ cleaning pad – $9.99
This is no gimmick… removes fingerprints, smudges, etc – from those sensitive display surfaces which chemical cleaners can otherwise damage. These are worth every penny of their much higher normal cost.

iDowell ‘Made for Mac’ Eco-Effiecient UPS Battery Backup ideal for Apple iMac & Mac mini Models – $150.00

Memory Upgrades to 8GB for Apple Core 2 Duo iMacs, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and Mac minis4GB from $98.97

NewerTech miniStack 500GB 7200RPM FW+USB2 Storage w/Hubs $99.00; Buffalo LinkSation NAS 1.0TBs from $179

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