Hot Read: Discarded Computer Turns Out to be Rare Apple-1

iPad-globeElectronics are often discarded without a second thought. And when they’re recycled, some pretty amazing things can be done with the parts. But fortunately, one old computer that was recently taken to an e-recycling center didn’t make its way to the scrap pile.

After cleaning out her house, an unidentified California woman dropped off what turned out to be an Apple-1 computer without realizing how rare the 1976 machine was.

Fortunately, as Gizmodo points out, the e-recycling center realized what it had on its hands and sold the computer to a collector for $200,000 and is now searching for the woman to share the profits with.

Apple-1 computer sales have fetched as much as $905,000 and only around 50 are thought to be in existence.

Source: Gizmodo via San Jose Mercury News

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