Hot Read: Answers to Historic Pluto Flyby Questions

Globe-AstronomyIf you’re a frequent reader of the Rocket Yard, you’ll be quite aware of our affinity for all things related to outer space. And the story that we’ve been following today comes from deep space – about 3 billion miles away – and has been nine years in the making.

As you might already have heard, today the New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto, which is the last unexplored body in our solar system.

And like us, you’re probably wondering what we’ve learned from such an ambitious mission. At a briefing session today, New Horizons’ principal investigator Alan Stern answered questions from the media and the public answering many of our pressing questions.

Gizmodo has put together a summary of Stern’s answers, which shed some light (figuratively) on Pluto’s surface.

Check out the article here:

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