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Spend ‘Back to the Future Day’ with a Flux Capacitor, Time Machine

fluxIt’s a day that’s been nearly 26 years in the making. It’s a day that was supposed to feature self-tying shoelaces (nope), hoverboards (kind of), and a Cubs World Series (there’s still a chance…).

We’re, of course, referring to October 21, 2015 – also known as Back to the Future Day. Today is the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled forward to from 1985 in the 1989 movie “Back To The Future II”.

And while we can’t quite slip on our self-tying shoes and hop on our hoverboards to celebrate, the Rocket Yard has a few recommendations on how you can spend this once in a lifetime day.

Time Machine iconTake Time Machine for a spin
It might not be as exciting as it sounds. But backing up your data to guard against future problems is highly recommended. And OWC has you covered with a handy guide to using the built in Time Machine application in Mac OS X.

The iconic flux capacitor
The Flux Capacitor is “what makes time travel possible,” according to Doc Brown. Show your love of time travel and “Back to the Future” with a slick new flux capacitor drive icon (pictured top right). The Rocket Yard shows you how here.

Get a lift in the DeLorean
As the folks over at The Verge point out, you can take a free ride in the DeLorean today if you live in the New York City area. It will likely be slower than 88 miles per hour, however.

Let us know how you’ll spend Back to the Future Day in the comments.

UPDATE: Self-lacing shoes have arrived.

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