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OWC USB-C Dock: The Real Solution for MacBook Connectivity

Power your laptop and charge your mobile devices, connect fast external drives and other USB accessories, a 4K display, and much more with a single cable. With ten ports, the OWC USB-C Dock is the gateway to possibility for your new MacBook. Visit MacSales.com for more information or to pre-order your OWC USB-C Dock today.

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  • Regarding my order #L4228242 (11 Jul’15), promised by OWC for “late December 2015”; you guys are running out of time on your last promised date! Can you give me a ship date yet?

    • Hi Rene, apologies for the late response. The dock is currently on track for a mid-January ship date. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • It’d be nice to have a more compact version, say the size of a deck of cards that has fewer ports: HDMI, SD Card, a couple USB 3 ports, USB C and maybe ethernet.

    This is too big to pair with a tiny MacBook.

  • Great ad.

    Kutzing with all the accessories that today’s anorexic Apple laptops require is why I’ve been sticking with my aging but still serviceable white MacBook. Laptops become a pain when you’ve got to travel with a host of adapters. It’ll be great have just one to carry about.